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Originally constructed in the 1600’s, the globally renowned Gardens of Versailles once hosted King Louie XIV’s glamorous garden parties, where the king would dazzle his guests by lighting thousands of candles. In an effort to recapture this royal atmosphere, the Gardens underwent an extensive multi-year renovation intended to provide a contemporary version of the regal atmosphere, and bring their many sculptures and fountains to life like never before. (Article “French Classic” click here)

As reported by WaterShapes Magazine, Crystal Fountains’ project team had been tasked with illuminating the Gardens. In part 2 (“The Weight of History” click here) read more about the experience and challenges associated with lighting 400+ year old fountains with submerged lighting for the first time ever. Our ultimate goal was to showcase the Garden’s historical water features, like the Latona Fountain, in a new light; helping them shine like they did in their glorious heyday.

The challenge of contributing to the restoration of one of the most world renowned historical sites was not an easy one, but the hard work and dedication exhibited by each member of the team involved is certainly deserving of a royal seal of approval. The Sun King should rest easy knowing that his prized Gardens will continue to entertain the masses for many more years to come.

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