Product and Technical Support

We stand behind you and your water feature project and offer free product support with fast turnaround. From telephone support, to online support, critical phase inspections, and start up commissioning, our team is here to help.

Remote Product Support

Our Product Support Department is composed of a team of mechanical and electrical system designers, and customer care representatives. They provide technical expertise with respect to mechanical and electrical systems, and specialty product selection. Our talented and knowledgeable team provides direct support to Aquatic Engineers, specialist contractors and specifiers.
Visual Support

We have an extensive visual library of photo, video and WATERlab™ simulation assets, so can help visualize your design intent, and establish the water feature experience that you and your client desire. Further WATERlab™ simulations can be created to help visualize the multiple characteristics of the water feature and place it within the context of the design that helps realize the designers vision.

Concept Review

Our expert in-house designers will help you review and enhance any idea to ensure a beautiful, functional outcome that is feasible based on the location, technical capability of the local installing contractors and regions’ resources.

The Crystal Fountains engineering team can provide supporting technical documentation, preliminary architectural details, mechanical and electrical systems, product installation details and specifications. Our in-house designers and engineers can provide peer review and recommendations.
Custom Products
We have a decades-long history of developing custom manufactured water feature components to meet specific design or performance requirements. Crystal can provide a compressive review and feasibility of custom products and effects development. This can include mockups and first build to better determine the design parameters, performance data and installation details.
Budget Review
Crystal offers preliminary budget estimates covering mechanical, electrical, supply, and installation costs, along with commissioning and programming estimates. Coupled with a network of local resources we can help establish budgets throughout the design phase.

Onsite Services

Critical Phase Inspections
Our technical team can conduct onsite inspections of critical water feature installation elements including, but not limited to, imbed layouts, electrical wiring, and confirming finishes against architectural drawings.
Startups, Commissioning and Training
Our technicians can be onsite during commissioning to support final startups. We then work closely with the Water Feature Contractor to fine-tune choreography to capture the overall design intent and ensure that the water feature’s performance is optimized. The Crystal team can also participate in training the maintenance team to ensure ongoing optimal performance and longevity of the water feature.
Show Programming
Crystal Fountains is proud to have some of the best water feature programmers in the industry. Our programmers work both remotely and onsite to create, tweak, and implement custom water feature choreography to meet client needs, design requirements, and specific event programming.
Water Feature Inspections and Upgrade Audits
Have an existing water feature? Crystal Fountains is able to audit your water feature and offer recommendations to bring it back to 100% functionality or make suggestions of upgrades to newer technologies.

Remote Services

Remote Startups

Our in-house technical expertise coupled with onsite knowledge allows us to commission certain water features remotely rather than sending technicians to the site, no matter where the feature is located.

Product Installation Support

From product compatibility with your existing system, to the application of specific products, installation can be fast and easy. With a video call or our Crystal U videos, we walk you step-by-step through the installation process. Find downloadable product information available under Product Categories.

With WATERlab™ CREATE, see how the water feature will function before construction begins. Next, use WATERlab™ COMMAND for all your programming and troubleshooting to keep the fountain running from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.
Testing and Mock-up Facility

Mockups in our test pool ensure proof of concept of your design. Test products and different configurations to recreate onsite challenges and minimize construction delays.

Technical Support and Troubleshooting
Our technical team will work with you until your water feature and its components are working as they should. We will address any technical issues and warranty questions, such as part issues, water feature performance issues, or adding new show programming. 

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