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WATERlab™ is the most powerful toolset for creating exceptional experiences in water and light. It is the industry’s first physics-based 3D water feature simulation, design and programming suite, and brings together: Connected Smart Devices; a Powerful Design Platform; a Control & Monitoring Suite; and is built in the Cloud, for remote access. 

Our customers, partners and collaborators depend on the two parts of the platform: WATERlab™ CREATE & WATERlab™ CONTROL when they ultimately decide to build a water feature to reduce risk, lower costs and improve creative control.


WATERlab™ CREATE is born of our 50 years of experience and the need for a toolset that lets you focus on design and creative excellence: to design better, to design longer, and to build and deploy that design faithfully and easily. This software takes into account the gravitational forces of water and combines a physics-based engine to simulate the true behaviour of water, together with parametric components (that we manufacture!) that know how they are supposed to behave. The result is a true simulation and prototype of your water feature – before you ever break ground.


WATERlab™ is a simulation, not an animation

What makes WATERlab™ CREATE Unique?

Real Water

WATERlab™ CREATE uses a physics-based particle engine to model the behaviour of water in a scientifically validated simulation - not just an animation.

Splash & Wind Modelling

Analyze the wind direction and splash zone of a water feature using the actual nozzles we fabricate, and see how it will impact the surrounding space. Do you have planting too close? Will the feature impact a walkway? Have the answers before construction begins.


Model how water will react with surfaces, or even when it starts colliding with itself. This gives you the freedom to design the effects you want within the space you have.

IES Lighting

WATERlab uses IES lighting profiles, the industry standard for lighting designers, to simulate the true colour quality and intensity of Crystal’s manufactured fixtures. It even models IES profiles under water, which is unique in the industry.

Time of Day and GPS location

Animate the time of day in your simulation and locate your feature in its real-world place to get as close as possible to the true conditions of the site and experience.

Modularity & Scalability

WATERlab™ adapts to the scale of your feature, using the same powerful toolset, whether it is an iconic and monumental showcase, or an intimate residential garden.

Brentwood Town Center  design using WATERlab™ CREATE


WATERlab™ CONTROL is the operational control suite behind your water feature— the brains of the operation. It was designed to ease installation challenges onsite with its advanced diagnostic, troubleshooting, and remote access capabilities. WATERlab™ CONTROL also puts the control of a water feature’s programming back into the hands of its designers. Any design and programming developed in WATERlab™ CREATE can be imported into WATERlab™ CONTROL and becomes the water feature’s show programming. All the show planning and design can now be deployed directly to the water feature’s control panel, eliminating extra work and design fixes.

Brentwood Town Center final commissioning using WATERlab™ CONTROL

How does WATERlab™ CONTROL reduce risk, lower costs and improve Creative control?

Direct Deployment at Commissioning

Extend the Design Phase of the work longer, and then deploy faster and automatically without diluting that creative excellence. WATERlab CONTROL translates your best creative choreography directly from CREATE automatically into the signal code needed for your panels in the control room.


Connect from the office during commissioning, and troubleshoot remotely with live monitoring and intelligence instead of needing to go on-site. Or just plug in your laptop in the control room!

Reduce Complexity

Simplify and speed up manual processes at commissioning, reduce the number of hardware systems and fragile integrations between them, and streamline maintenance and operations.

Multimedia and Show Behaviours

Connect your water feature to other media and special effects systems and apply complex rules to your shows in a simple interface.

Disaster Prevention

Backup your system in the Cloud and restore it on demand with a plug-and-play CPU core.

Reprogram Remotely

WATERlab CONTROL lets you update your programming anytime remotely, and keep design in the hands of your Creative teams. STAY FOCUSED ON THE MAIN THING - delighting your guests with an amazing water and light experience.


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