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“Public water features serve a practical purpose as well as entertain and are important to society's collective psychology. We, as fountain specialist designers, are always looking for the minutiae of the fountain, but if you watch how people interact with water there is such an appreciation of its sheer magic. Kids jump up and down on a scrim feature or splash in a fountain, while adults close their eyes to breathe in the surrounding clean air or wave their hands to capture a fog cloud. Fountains are definitely good for the soul.”
Rob Mikula
Director of Creative Design

With over five decades of experience in the commercial water feature industry, collaboration in designing captivating, sustainable, world-class water features is at the core of what we do.

Whether you’re designing a traditional, modern, interactive, or static feature, we can help you design any water feature from vision to completion. Our WATERlab™ simulation and test-pool mock-ups cover all key design considerations, helping you to avoid delays and costly mistakes.

What makes our design process unique

Your vision is where our collaborative design process starts. Our team of designers and engineers use their expertise to work with Architects, Landscape Architects, Aquatic Designers, and contractors in order to create spaces that people will engage with and enjoy. There is no set way for you to collaborate with us. We can be involved at any part of the design journey, from the first concepts to tender drawings.

Extensive history and global experience

Extensive history and global experience

Through relationships with a network of international and North American partners, we understand that regional and cultural differences can influence each project. Our extensive work spans Europe, the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Southeast Asia, making us a globally recognized leader in the water feature industry. With many years navigating both AIA and RIBA design standards, we are ideally positioned to help our clients create successful projects.

WATERlab screen

WATERlab™ is the industry’s first physics-based 3D simulation, design, and programming control suite. WATERlab™ CREATE allows designers to conceptualize and create digital prototypes of their water feature through the design process. WATERlab™ CONTROL is the control and diagnostic center of the physical water feature. With WATERlab™, a water feature’s design can be imagined in advance and then deployed directly onsite with the press of a button.

Mock up facilities and test pools

Mock-up facilities and test pools

A physical mock-up can be key to a project’s success while collaborating with designers globally. Custom-designed water features often include unique water and light expressions that require physical mock-ups to explore feasibility. We recommend phased mock-ups: first in-house, then onsite. In combination with WATERlab™, this approach allows our team to study water and LED light expressions and discover new opportunities for real-world solutions.

Budget Considerations
Budget Considerations
We have been around long enough to know that there is no magic formula when it comes to water feature budget determination. We evaluate each and every design on its own merit recognizing that custom designs have many different variables in determining supply and installation values. We also work with our partners to provide meaningful maintenance feedback
Detailed Design Considerations
Detailed Design Considerations
Our team understands that a successful water feature outcome hinges on many factors. Water massing, light placement, emotion, movement, spatial understanding, auditory cues, sustainability and multi-season transformation all have a role to play.

Featured Project

World Voices at the Burj Khalifa - Dubai, UAE

Imagined by international artist Jaume Plensa, “World Voices”  was designed to express the “diversity of our global society and a celebration of life.” Composed of 196 cymbals (representing all of the countries of the world) and suspended onto rods anchored at the bottom of two pools…

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The industry's first physics-based 3D simulation, design and programming control suite.

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