World Voices

Dubai, UAE

After the success of Crown Fountain at Millennium Park in Chicago, International artist Jaume Plensa again collaborated with Crystal Fountain on “World Voices”, the water sculpture located in the residential lobby of the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world’s tallest building.

  • Jaume Plensa envisioned a sculpture that represented the “diversity of our global society and a celebration of life”. To achieve this Jaume imagined imagined 196 cymbals (representing the 196 countries of the world) suspended onto rods anchored at the bottom of two pools, evoking reeds in a lake.
  • 18 of these cymbals create distinct sound patterns as they are gently struck by water dropping 60 feet/18.2m from the ceiling above emulating the sound of water falling on leaves.

Working with the artist’s specifications, Crystal’s custom gravity-fed water control technology creates the right size, volume, and control of the droplets that fall from the atrium’s gold-leaf ceiling to create a natural rhythm as they contact the cymbals below.

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