White Square

Moscow, Russia

Project Team

  • Owner: AIG Lincoln
  • Architect: APA Wojciechowski
  • Aquatic Designer: Crystal Fountains
  • Water Feature Contractor: BWT
  • Water Feature Product Manufacturer: Crystal Fountains

Parts Used

The business district of White Square, located adjacent to the legendary Red Square in Moscow, is a hot spot for international business and luxury retail.

  • Located near the Belorusskaya Metro Station.
  • Water feature creates a dynamic focal point at the terminus of three major pedestrian corridors in full view of three world-class office towers.
  • Incorporates Crystal’s water technology in the form of LED lighting, Dynamite Blast Jet and Choreoswitches®, as well as Water Voids and perforated stainless steel illumination diffuser plates.

Crystal’s design makes it possible to transform the feature into a variety of moods and modes.

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