Fontaine du Quai Paquet – Traverse de Lévis

Lévis, Quebec, Canada

Project Team

  • Owner: City of Lévis
  • Landscape Architect: Lucie St-Pierre
  • Aquatic Designer: Francois Menard
  • Water Feature Contractor: Soucy Aquatik
  • Water Feature Product Manufacturer: Crystal Fountains

Parts Used

Just a quick ferry ride from Old Québec City, the historical city of Lévis stands along the border of the St Lawrence River. As a popular tourist attraction, with its flourishing culture and vibrant architecture, Lévis has made a commitment to revitalize its Traverse sector. To that end, the City is committed to a ten year plan focused on continuing to meet the growing needs of its visitors and residents alike.
At the forefront of this initiative, the City intends to pursue development by striking a balance between environmental concerns and reclaiming the St. Lawrence River as one of its key identifying elements. The revitalization of Traverse de Lévis has been the first major step in pursuance of this goal, with the recent inauguration of la Fontaine du Quai Paquet, the most powerful water-feature of its kind in Canada. Mayor Gilles Lehouilleir proudly stated as he introduced the fountain to the eager crowd that “25 years ago people turned their backs to the river and focused to develop shopping centers, downtown. Today, we restore the river to the citizens.”

Taking up over half a football field with 160 custom jets dancing up to 9 meters in height, and illuminated by beautiful coloured LED lights, this enormous splash-pad speaks volumes to the efforts that the city is making to invigorate its public spaces and provide attractive family friendly activities. Several technical elements were extensively planned in order to design and construct a fountain of this stature. More than 10 kilometers of underground pipelines were installed to ensure proper functioning, and over 38 pumps were required to power the high-volume of jets. Keeping in line with the City’s sustainable focus, as well, the system allows for continuous reuse of the water with a filter and treatment system in an underground basin of 145 cubic meter – equivalent in size to more than 3 above ground pools!
Now a popular tourist attraction of its own, the fountain is even visible from the opposite side of the shore. The splash pad offers a play area for children, and a fun way to cool off and relax for the walkers and bikers exploring the newly developed waterfront trails. Thus, the Paquet wharf has been successfully developed combining functionality, conviviality and spectacle. There is not doubt that, as the city continues to liven up the area, the river will be restored to the citizens and Lévis will remain a top destination for both visiting and settling down.
“Public infrastructure creates links between people, helps create jobs and fosters economic growth. That is why the Government of Canada is making unprecedented investments in infrastructure projects that promote sustainable development and prosperity. By funding projects such as the revitalization of the Traverse de Lévis, we are building Canada in the 21st century and ensuring the superior quality of life for future generations. “
-The Honorable Jean-Yves Duclos, Minister of Family, Children and Social Development, on behalf of the Honorable Amarjeet Sohi, Minister of Infrastructure and Communities


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