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Domino Park is New York’s newest waterfront recreational public space located in the 11-acre Domino Sugar Factory site. Inaugurated in June 2018, it is an unrivaled quarter-mile long public park situated just north of the Williamsburg Bridge, that celebrates the history of one of New York’s most iconic industrial waterfront sites.

Built in 1856 on the Williamsburg waterfront, the Domino Sugar Factory was one of the largest sugar manufacturing facilities in the world. Following the closure of the factory in 2004, the 11-acre site sat dormant as plans for redevelopment were debated by the city, community stakeholders and the development team. Eight years later, the land was purchased from Domino and new plans to redevelop the site were presented, which included the adaptive reuse of the landmarked Domino Refinery, four new mixed-use residential buildings, and a six-acre linear park situated at the forefront of the development.

The park reflects the developer’s emphasis on historic preservation, a guiding principle of the overall Domino Sugar Factory redevelopment plan. One of the many features of the waterfront park is the Water Square, a central gathering space around Domino Park. This gorgeous area with its abundance of activities offers a valuable addition to this blossoming community and its residents. The tiered seating area affords sweeping views of the East River and the Refinery building, and overlooks a central interactive water feature. Crystal’s illuminated deck jets has become the primary attraction for visitors passing by, especially for the young ones. These jets encourage interaction and promote evening visitation when illuminated. Soft, play-friendly displays by day and spectacular light shows by night keep the visitors captivated.

Domino Park delivers the ribbon of the Williamsburg waterfront to the residents of North Brooklyn — whose families worked at this factory for generations and who have contributed to the diversity and vibrancy of one of New York’s most enchanting neighborhoods. The park will serve as a living, breathing tribute to thousands of Domino workers, their families and the rich tapestry of history that defines this New York community.

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