325 Kent

Brooklyn, New York, USA

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The redevelopment of the 11-acre Domino Sugar factory site in Brooklyn, New York, includes four new mixed-use residential buildings totaling 700 units of affordable housing. Each building is designed to be porous and spill light into the neighborhood behind the development. The 325 Kent building has a unique profile that enables it to maintain a distinguished street presence while being respectful to the character of the surrounding neighborhood. The distinctive copper and zinc façade generates texture and depth.

The building features a 2,000 sq ft elegant courtyard on the 4th floor, with expansive views of New York City’s breathtaking skyline. This thoughtful design gives the residential units luxurious amounts of light and air, and also works as an excellent leisure and circulation space between the two halves. The reflecting pool boasts a sculptural wall lit in warm white with Crystal’s mid-sized architectural LED lights. And the water wall is uplit with one of the first installations of Crystal’s tunable white linear lights.

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