Private Residence Pool

Texas, USA

Project Team

  • Crystal Fountains Inc. – Water Feature Product Manufacturer
  • Claffey Pools – Aquatic Designers

Parts Used

After having a tough day, there is nothing more calming than sitting outside in a beautifully landscaped yard and enjoying the sound of a water feature. Providing a relaxing and an entertaining ambience to the residents, decorative water features in residential areas have been an integral part of society for centuries. The flowing water unleashes soothing and exciting feelings with its echo while creating a tremendous visual experience.

This private residence pool in Texas is a perfect example of how simple form of water can uplift the aesthetic of an outdoor pool. Crystal’s Electric leapers are placed to the luxurious backyard creating glass-like water rods as well as playful jumping and leaping effects. Crystal’s designers assisted to program the unique and diverse sequencing shows that provide a great opportunity for us to visualize the true capabilities of the leaper.

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