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“9:10 a.m., February 10, 1977. Chaos reigned on the platforms of Dundas station, which was jammed beyond capacity with people eager to attend the opening of the Eaton Centre. “Passengers got close to hysteria as they were dumped out into dense crowds that couldn’t get through the single open exit fast enough.” the Globe and Mail reported.” (Torontoist, 2017)

With a striking glass galleria and iconic ‘Flight Stop’ geese, Cadillac Fairview ‘s Toronto Eaton Centre is accepted as one of the major landmarks of Toronto. Since its opening in 1977, Eaton Centre has been the most popular attraction in the city with over one million visitors per week. It is also North America’s busiest shopping mall due to transit access and its central downtown location. Home to over 230 retail stores and multiple restaurants, Eaton Centre is Toronto’s premier urban shopping location.

Located inside the Eaton Centre, the ’Shooting Fountain’ is Crystal’s first iconic project. Designed by Doug Duff, Crystal’s first Creative Director, the water feature had a specific goal; to create a gathering spot for families and friends who would want to take a break from their busy shopping schedules. The result is a 5-meter circular pool with central ‘burst jet’ surrounded by available seating.

For over 40 years, this water feature has been staple for patrons of the Eaton Centre. In 1980, Toronto Star writer Kevin Scanlons wrote that “Torontonians wanting to meet a friend downtown used to say, ‘I will meet you on the steps of City Hall’. Now, more often than not, they say ‘I will meet you at the fountain in the Eaton Centre’.'” (Toronto Star, 1980)

The charm of the Shooting Fountain doesn’t not only stem from its timeless design but also its 3 times shooting show that occurs every 10 minutes. Crystal’s Burst Jet was specifically designed for the Eaton Centre by Doug Duff and can reach up to the 110 feet, spanning multiple levels of the mall. When it opened in 1977, this water feature was revolutionary. Typically, water features only shoot water vertically at half the height of their basin’s diameter to avoid splash. With 110 feet of water height into a 15 foot-wide basin and no splash issues, Toronto’s Eaton Center is a marvel of water feature engineering.

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