Tsar Simeon Garden

Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Project Team

  • Owner: City of Plovdiv
  • Architect: Petko Prokopiev
  • Aquatic Designer: Nikolay Klenski
  • Water Feature Contractor: Aquapools LTD
  • Water Feature Product Manufacturer: Crystal Fountains

Parts Used

Plovdiv, Bulgaria, a city steeped in history and culture, is the oldest living city in Europe, and the sixth oldest in the world. Bulgaria experienced a period of unmatched cultural prosperity and enlightenment under the reign of Simeon the Great I during the First Bulgarian Empire, and this cultural injection into Plovdiv has only continued to flourish; with this majestic city having just been officially titled the European Capital of Culture for 2019.

The landscape of the city centers around the main community hub, which is venerated in memory of Bulgaria’s most celebrated leader. An area often referred to by Plovdiv citizens as the ‘Lungs of the City;’ Tsar Simeon’s Garden was designed and implemented in 1892 by landscape gardener Lucien Chevalas, and is situated on the very landmark where Plovdiv first hosted its renowned Bulgarian Exhibition. The park embodies the artistic spirit of its host country; shaded by ancient trees and surrounded by recreational opportunities, it is home to numerous illustrious sculptures and fountains, one of the most notable being the historic Singing Fountain which has recently been reintroduced to the public after an 8 million dollar renovation.

Spanning across an artificial lake in the very center of the main garden, the Singing Fountain is comprised of numerous customized jets that jump and sway in sync to a selection of handpicked compositions, while soaring up to 12 meters high. After the sun sets, the fountain illuminates this popular gathering space with countless RGB lights in an array of bright and exciting colors, encouraging guests to utilize this beautiful community park late into the evening. Additionally, every weekend spectators are invited to be dazzled by this radiant musical presentation, and on special occasions, witness as the streams of water reflect a brilliant backdrop of fireworks.

There couldn’t be a more suitable location for this impressive water feature than the center of a city with such a rich cultural and artistic history as Plovdiv. This thrilling rejuvenation of the city center will continue to encourage Plovdiv’s dedication to culture and community, as a shared beacon of pride and entertainment for its citizens.

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