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Mock up highlights with Simon Gardiner – THE ARCH project in Las Vegas

Conducting development tests is a large part of what we do. Our test pool mockups are essential for going beyond drawings to prove design concepts by successfully replicating and building them on-site. 

The process of each project differs a bit, and this project included a brainstorming session with various team members to finalize the design concept and build a mockup in our test pool. This is how Simon Gardiner, Director of North American Business Development, is tackling our newest project in Las Vegas, The Arch.

Simon Explains the Project

“The Arch (Ariva) mockup was conducted on behalf of Pacific Aquascape International and Abla Studio. Our goal was to determine the feasibility of developing a custom design for a rain curtain. We had to invert the laminar devices to achieve that effect while minimizing the spacing between each unit. Because the units are wider than what was ideal for this project, ensuring that the spacing and build concept would work, we had to take into account the surrounding space that includes a pool, the amount of splash that would occur and how to get it to a minimum and ensure drainage would keep up with the water flow. Our client wants the appearance of a glass rod of water, so this laminar device creates laminar flow, a water stream with very little turbulence, which produces what appears to be a ‘glass rod’ of water. The challenge was to get them close enough together to meet the ideal spacing.”

The Mockup Process

The mockup process includes testing the water stream quality, the minimal nozzle spacing, splash mitigation details, illumination, the height of product assembly, manifold arrangement, access to the units, and maintenance concerns.

Watch as Simon talks us through the process and shows the key aspects of proving the design concept for this project scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2022.

Reach out to Simon and the team to find out more about this project and if this mockup process is right for your next project, and also watch Rob and Asmaa talk about Mockup 101 here

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