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This project was not our first shopping mall collaboration, but it sure was a big one. For the last 20 years, the American Dream Mall (ADM) has been a project set to redefine customer experience in shopping and leisure. The mall was previously known as Xanadu, until in 2011 the Triple Five Group—a Canadian real estate firm behind The Mall of America in Minnesota, and West Edmonton Mall—took ADM over, changed the name, altered the exterior and promised more for the space. 

Fast-forward to 2019, Montreal-based design firm GH+A and Toronto-based Adamson Associates Architects, began collaborating to make an 11 million square foot mall of retail, amusement, dining, and entertainment.

Located on 21-acre on land East Rutherford, New Jersey, the grand opening of ADM was delayed because of the pandemic. This multi-story building houses major entertainment attractions like Nickelodeon Universe and The Rink. The Rink managed to open for the public to enjoy before the rest of the mall despite the restrictions of Covid-19. Now, the entertainment component has expanded to include Big Snow ski slope, the Sea Life Aquarium, mini golf, Legoland and three different water features. 


The Water Features:

Here is what P.J. Burandt, from Commercial Aquatics Engineering, the designers of the water features and the installing contractor shared with us about the features:

“This project consisted of 3 different DMX sequenced fountains, each fountain is located in a different area of the building. The fountains are programmed with multiple water and light shows that are appropriate for the area where it’s located. One fountain in the restaurant/bar area, one in a commons area, and one fountain is even designed to be turned into a runway for fashion shows. WATERLab™ simulations were used to help visualize the water and light shows during construction with final fine-tuning done onsite.”

Crystal Fountains involvement:

The three main jets used in these features are our pop jets and leapers with a mix of choreoswitches. They are all programmed with WATERLab™ programs that have multiple water and light shows. The pop jets are a subtle effect with an adjustable shape and height using activation timing and inlet water pressure, creating a slug of water at the surface of the feature. The leapers are yet another subtle interactive feature that produces sequenced water that can “leap” or “jump” and light effects.

With natural light shining from skylights as well as real trees and shrubs, these fountains are a beautiful addition to this mega retail and entertainment space.

It’s safe to say that there aren’t a lot of places in the world where you can find skiing, a waterpark, and Saks Fifth Avenue under one roof. And with the new luxury retail wing, ‘The Avenue,’ now open, you can make a stop at these water features and take a break from the 300,000 square feet of retail and entertainment to recharge.



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