Toronto’s First Fog Nozzle Feature


It's a really straightforward water feature, indicative of a lot of designs we've been doing lately.

Via Bloor Parkette
A Tridel Condominium Project

Toronto's First Fog Nozzle Feature

Consisting of nine fog units connected to the City of Toronto’s water line and working on the city’s pressure, Via Bloor is an excellent example of “less is more.” As the City of Toronto’s first fog feature effect, this straightforward water feature is entirely different from the designs we’ve been doing.

Water features don’t always have to be big and cinematic to create a visual impact.

After speaking with the City of Toronto team, they are excited about the space’s expansion for the community; they also know the work involved as their team adds this park to their daily route. Parks like this take a village/crew to keep them safe and hazard-free for visitors, big and small. They will comb the park for any potential hazardous garbage left behind every day.

There are months of work and collaboration that go into a project like this, but it doesn’t end here. City of Toronto teams will continue with the park’s upkeep, the fog feature will need maintenance, and we will support it by upgrading programming and anything else required to keep this fun space going for years to come.

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