How to Use your Water Feature in the Winter

2.19.20 Howard Park Fountain Covers

While the season of warm sweaters, hot chocolate, and indoor activities is fast approaching, preparing for the cold and snowy weather is a must. The question is; are you also preparing your water features for cold temperatures?

If you’re not, it’s time. 

What you need to know:

LED Lights can work perfectly in the cold


Crystal Fountains LED light series can stand in winter conditions and perform well during the winter season. Select lights can even perform in extreme temperatures, up to -5°F!

As a matter of fact, they work better in the cold. All of our light cut sheets have the minimum temperature that they will work. 

Instead of covering the light fixtures with plastic bags or removing them from the site due to safety reasons, we provide alternative solutions for your water features for wintertime.

Decorative Globes and Cylinders Enhance the Visual Experience

Brentwood globes NIGHT

During the off-season, Crystal’s large decorative acrylic globes or polycarbonate cylinders are placed over the illuminated lights to create an engaging visual experience for the visitors passing by.

In this way, the lights are used to illuminate the globe/cylinder and the water features turn into multi-purpose attractions for the time when they cannot perform due to the cold weather. 

All Season Water Features

These decorative colorful illuminated globes encourage evening visitations and enhance a water feature’s versatility during the winter time, especially in the holiday season and beyond.

It won’t matter if snow falls on them or if it’s frigid outside. Decorative covers maintain the performance of the products and create a visual and interactive experience for visitors of the park, walkway, or square.

Need advice for the winterization of your water features?

Email us below at or call us at +1-905-660-6674.

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