Introducing The ESpyra

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Enhance the visual appeal of your water feature using Crystal’s NEW ESpyra. 


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Evolution Sparks Innovation: Transforming Products

With Espyra, you have the ability to craft an entirely different and awe-inspiring water effect for your feature, setting your designs apart from the rest.


 Product Design

Click the video to learn more about ESpyra, it’s concept development, what makes it unique, how it differs from other products in the market and our dedication to continued innovation and quality.

Performance & Testing


In-House Testing Capabilities: 

Mockups in our in-house test pool helped ensure proof of concept of the ESpyra design. The ESpyra was tested iteratively with different configurations in order to recreate onsite conditions & challenges and minimize construction delays.

Test Pool


Click the video to learn more about our in-house testing process and measures, how we integrate our simulation technology, WATERlab™, and how we ensure safety & compliance.

Performance & Testing

Looking To The Future

At Crystal Fountains we’re dedicated to pushing water feature effects for the market. The ESpyra embodies our mission to redefine the market and create exceptional water experiences.

“The creation of the ESpyra is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality work, Canadian-made high-quality products, and our dedication to R&D for innovative products. “

Simon Gardiner 

Director of North American Business Development

Crystal Fountains (Since 1998)

Simon 350

Design Considerations

Our team understands that a successful water feature outcome hinges on many factors. 

Click the video to learn how water massing, light placement, emotion, movement, spatial understanding, and auditory cues all have a role to play in the success of a water feature.

From Our Clients

"Crystal Fountains is always wanting to do more, always wanting to raise the bar, and have been very successful in doing so. "

Emma Fyfe 

Vice President, Platform Excellence 

Shape Properties


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