Busko Zdroj

Świętokrzyskie, Poland

Project Team

  • Owner: Busko Zdrój
  • Architect: 2PM
  • Aquatic Designer: Tomar Marzenna Koźmian
  • Fountain Installer: Systemy Automatyki Budynków
  • Water Feature Products Manufacturer: Crystal Fountains

Parts Used

Busko-Zdroj is a town in the south-central Swietokrzyskie Province of Poland, and the capital of the Busko District.

The town is rapidly growing and has the most incredible land including mineral waters and mud, which are natural therapeutic agents for healing. The waters extracted from the wells contain a combination of iodine and bromide, one of the rarest mineral waters. Its healing properties are so unique that they make Busko-Zdroj the most attractive and popular destination in Poland, to improve your health.

Strolling along the park lanes and paths, our interactive water feature is found and adds to the attraction of the area. This feature is known as the “Dancing Fountain,” which has sequencing nozzles, plume nozzles, arching jets, and lights, this dynamic fountain is a beautiful end to the peaceful end of the journey through the lanes.

The vision of architect Piotr Musiałowski, and aquatic designer Marzenna Koźmian was to create a place for resting, relaxing and a friendly gathering place for adults and children alike. Specifically for kids who love running through water, the dry deck was the best solution for the space. Their vision included putting sequencing fog nozzles inside the graduation tower located close to the fountain, enhancing that experience for all.

Combining water with music, the arching jets and vertical ChoreSwitches jump and wave alongside the classical songs playing and the four water walls give access to the interactive part of the fountain, a lovely surprise for the children!

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