Tulmer Place

Ipswitch, Queensland, Australia

When the pandemic hit, everything changed. It altered the way we work in so many ways that we could never have imagined. Gone were the days of jumping on a plane to visit a customer and scope out a project, as well as having our technicians on-site to test and commission any water features … well, none of that could happen.

In a recent project, our client in Queensland, Australia—halfway around the world from our head office in Toronto, had a successful fountain inauguration amid a never-experienced-before global shut down and worked through challenges that included a 16-hour time difference from our team.

Our WATERlab™ CREATE and CONTROL came into its own, with our team able to access the fountain within a matter of seconds. Our contractor partner, Li Lo Pools in Australia, were our eyes-on-site giving live feedback as the fountain in Tulmer Place, Ipswitch, came online. After the years of getting WATERlab™ to where we wanted it to be, seeing the deck jets and light show working with the flip of a switch was truly a magical moment for all.

All the challenges we went through were worth it as this new space came to life.

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