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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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Originally built in 1955, the Edmonton Federal Building features Art Deco style from the 1930s, and, although the building had been left vacant since 1989, a renovation of the infrastructure brought new life to the historic building in 2015. The 10-storey Tyndall stone stone building is located right next to the Alberta Legislature Building and shares a new plaza with another government building nearby.

The new west entrance pavilion re-orients the Federal Building toward the Legislature grounds and provides a visitor-friendly public interface between the grounds and the building. Recognized for its Excellence in Civic Design, Centennial Plaza endeavors to support the City’s vision of creating sustainable, vibrant, and accessible spaces, while encouraging a sense of community, diversity, social interaction and engagement.

The plaza offers year-round activities for visitors to experience. Water activities have always been an attractive part of visiting the Legislature Grounds, and with the new commemorative water feature celebrating the 100th Anniversary of the Alberta Legislature, this summertime tradition continues. Colourful jets animate the public space, providing entertainment and refreshing fun for the community, and the area lends itself well to community events and celebrations!

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