Jean-Baptiste Lully Conservatory

Puteaux, France

Project Team

  • Owner: Ville de Puteaux
  • Aquatic Designer: BLD Waterdesign
  • Water Feature Contractor: Crystal Group
  • Water Feature Product Manufacturer: Crystal Fountains

Parts Used

One of the most renowned artists of the 17th century, Jean-Baptiste Lully was a French composer, instrumentalist, and dancer who served as the head musician of Louis XIV. Recognizing his contribution to French music and culture, the City of Puteaux has memorialized this famous former resident by erecting a musical conservatory in his honor.

One of the largest municipal conservatories in all of France, the Jean-Baptiste Conservatory is a cutting edge facility that hosts concerts, theatrical events, and educational classes for 3,000 patrons. Featuring 2 professional grade auditoriums, 50 music rooms, and 4 dance studios surrounded by bright, classical architecture, the conservatory embodies the legacy of Lully by promoting artistic passion in both work and play.

The influence of Lully extends outside the conservatory as well, where a public park awaits students and visitors. Outfitted with musically themed playground accessories resembling a trumpet, guitar, and horn, the park’s natural wood structures combine educational play with sustainable design. Instruments aside, the park’s two biggest attractions are undoubtedly the impressive water features that provide both visual and interactive amusement. A circular splash pad with Crystal’s interactive jets functions as the centerpiece of the park, paying tribute to Jean-Baptiste Lully’s lively dances with illuminated water displays. The park’s second feature, L’Arbre Fontaine, represents the power, liveliness, and rhythm of Lully’s compositions. Taking the shape of a tree, this distinctive fountain shoots out soft streams of water from its branches, altering the shape of the water arches through changes in pressure and height. Jumping jets surrounding the base of the tree further contribute to its ability to entertain.

The combination of detailed play structures and enticing water features forms a captivating space that the whole community can enjoy, effectively extending the conservatory’s artistry outside the building. The intersection of music, movement, and water within the park attracts visitors and stays true to Lully’s legacy, providing the people of Puteaux with an engaging space where they can follow in his footsteps while gaining a deeper appreciation of the performing arts.

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