Emirates Palace Hotel – Triumphant Arch

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Project Team

  • Owner: Abu Dhabi Municipality
  • Architect: Parsons
  • Landscape Architect: Parsons
  • Aquatic Designer: Crystal Fountains
  • Water Feature Contractor: United Technology Trading Company
  • Water Feature Product Manufacturer: Crystal Fountains

Parts Used

The Ras Al Akhdar quarter of Abu Dhabi is home to one of the most prestigious landmarks in the entire U.A.E., the world renowned Emirates Palace Hotel. Alleged by some to possess the mythical ‘7-Star’ rating, the Emirates Palace is one of the most luxurious and expensive hotels ever built.

Residing on a 1.3 km stretch of immaculate white sand beach, and surrounded by over 100 hectares of landscaped lawns and gardens, the Emirates Palace Hotel consists of a mere 394 rooms and suites, the top floor of which are reserved for royalty and dignitaries.

Welcoming these honored guests to the hotel is a new water feature located at the foot of The Emirates Palace Triumphant Arch. Serving as an exclusive entrance for dignitaries only, the Arch is augmented on either side by a dry deck fountain containing 124 of Crystal’s ChoreoSwitches with LED lighting. The water feature includes a ‘show mode’ that activates every half hour, providing an active display of sequenced water and color that is programmed to coordinate with the lighting illuminating the arch. In between shows, the feature reverts to a passive mode that reduces water loss and preserves energy.

In addition to the archway water feature, the Emirates Palace Hotel provides guests with the most lavish amenities available. Premium facilities include custom pools, spas, tennis courts, a top-of-the-line fitness center, and a FIFA standard size soccer pitch. This architectural gem of the region is an attraction for locals and tourists alike.

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