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Oak Brook, Illnois, USA

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Originally opened in 1962, Oakbrook Center is one of the largest open air shopping complexes in the United States, featuring 160 stores spread over 2 million sq. ft. of retail space. Surrounded by gardens and hosting a wide variety of luxury outlets, the center attracts shoppers from the entire Midwest.

In an effort to improve its overall shopping experience, Oakbrook Center has undergone the largest renovation in its history; enhancing its common areas and expanding them to accommodate special events and social gatherings.

One of the Center’s noteworthy additions is a new vortex inspired water feature located at one of the complex’s main entrances. The fountain’s innovative design is intended to leverage the transformational abilities of water by creating multiple effects with a single jet. The fountain’s basin alternatively drains and fills, building up to form a bubbling pool before gradually ebbing away, revealing brightly illuminated columns of water arranged within the spiral. Over 50 of Crystal’s nozzles and LED lights were installed to entertain shoppers throughout the day.

Other elements of the 2-year renovation include:

  • The Village Green, an event lawn for free entertainment and live music
  • 14 new stores and restaurants
  • A glass enclosed Amenities Pavilion featuring an outdoor seating section in summer and an enclosed heating area in winter

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