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Georgetown, D.C., USA

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Washington Harbour in Georgetown is a historic neighborhood, known as a commercial and entertainment district. The location has expansive views of the Potomac River and includes office, condo and retail space with extensive amenities. In 2013, MRP Realty completed a $30 million revitalization project of this landmark destination with a spectacular 7,600 square foot dancing fountain.

Multi-Use Fountain

  • During office hours, the fountain is run low to create visual interest but also provides ‘white noise’ for the surrounding office towers.
  • But as day turns to evening, the fountain switches to ‘entertainment mode’ and provides sound, light and water shows that wow visitors to the area and patrons to the adjacent restaurants.

Smart Multi-purpose Design

As part of the wider regeneration project, smart design helps create a unique year-round active urban space. Crystal’s new water feature at Washington Harbour was designed to be multi-faceted:

  • The fountain area was designed to enable the water feature pool to transform into a 12,000 square foot outdoor ice skating rink in colder months helping to attract and entertain visitors year round.
  • The fountain area can also be switched off to accommodate special events during warmer months.

The water feature design contains the main pool, existing tower, an overflow pool as well as a variety of Crystal products: 42 LED sequencing lights, 41 custom ChoreoSwitch® Aerator devices and 3 Central Burst jets that can reach heights of up to 60 feet.

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