LED360 Series - 12VDC to 24VDC - 68W


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LED360 Series - 12VDC to 24VDC - 68W


The LED360 Series is a high powered RGBACL light that is ideal for situations where you need high colour rendering capability or are lighting very high vertical elements. Crystal’s RGBACL technology will forever change the way you design with light, whether your setting is wet or dry, water feature performance based, or simply architectural. Offering the broadest color rendering ability available for water feature illumination, capable of producing 275 trillion color combinations with extraordinary depth and intensity. This enriched palette allows for limitless lighting design customization, covering a much wider range of saturated colors than traditional RGBW lighting. The high fidelity light also produces a full color temperature range of whites within the same fixture.


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We manage new and custom products from concept through to the final testing and documentation phase prior to manufacturing, and meet specified design or performance guidelines.

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