The Mennica Legacy Towers

Warsaw, Poland

Project Team

  • Owner: Golub & Company LLC, Mennica Polska
  • Architect: Goettsch Partners
  • General Contractor: Warbud
  • Contractor: NTW Jaroslaw Stec
  • Water Feature Designer: Crystal Fountains
  • Water Feature Product Manufacturer: Crystal Fountains

Parts Used

Built in place of the former headquarters of the Mint of Poland, the new Mennica Legacy Tower is the signature office complex in the City of Warsaw’s central business district.

Designed by renowned Chicago-based architecture studio – Goettsch Partners, the tower’s subtle curvatures and kaleidoscopic façade contribute to the buildings’ lightness, making them an interesting architectural element that is distinguishable in the skyline from all angels.

The Mennica Legacy Tower, located at the intersection of Prosta and Zelazna street, is just a few meters away from the vicinity of bus and tram stops. The 35-story and 10-story office buildings open to a landscaped plaza with a pedestrian walkway sitting between them. The pedestrian walkway, starting at ul. Prosta is where you are welcomed by our interactive water feature.

As a DMX-controlled water feature system, many forms of water are created at high switching speeds by the sequencing nozzle that makes up this feature. This feature’s two main modes of work are foam effects created by dynamic submerged nozzles and choreographically synchronized water shooting up 4M using our drain channel streams and choreoswitches. Our medium-powered circular LED lights also accommodate all the nozzles with 360° illumination and light up the pedestrian walkway.

The Mennica Legacy Tower is more than an office complex. A considerable part of this project, precisely 60%, was dedicated to creating an outdoor space that the public could enjoy. So, beyond being the new and stunning architectural landmark of Warsaw, the Mennica Legacy Tower is a project that has elevated the public realm of Warsaw, creating a ‘sense of place.’

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