Splash your way through the summer

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A great way to make it through summer is to hit an interactive splash deck and cool down, meet up with friends, and make a few new ones.

If you’re sitting in a hot office right now, let these interactive splash decks give you a sense of cooling off, even if you can’t get to one.

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Community Hub

At Evergy Plaza in Topeka, Kansas, the 30+ music and light programming makes this spot a community hub, day and night.

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The Mill Playspace

Petrie Mill is an award-winning space has everything a kid could want in Melbourne, Australia, no matter the weather.


Sugar Factory-themed playground

Domino Sugar Park in New York City is a firm favorite with the locals. The stunning view of the Williamsburg Bridge is the icing on the cake.

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Town Square, Dubai

The Dubai community of Town Square loves this play maze so much that management hasn’t changed the programming since commissioning.

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Busko District

In Buskoj, Poland, the element of surprise gets kids with arching jets that jump and wave to classical songs.

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The Arizona Biltmore Hotel, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

One of our newest projects, The Arizona Biltmore Hotel, combined a 65-foot waterslide, two spraying cacti, and a splash deck for their guests.

In a month, we need to start talking about winterizing and extending the life of features with our Decorative Covers, for those in season-changing climates.

But for now, let’s all enjoy the need to cool off.

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